Hospital Assessment " CARE " ????


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Sep 19, 2005
Hello All,
since I posted my last thread I have found out a lot about the ASSESSMENT hospital where my mom is a patient.

I found information on the internet about the place and I was horrified.
From 1999 -2003 four allegations were made , 1 male patient was left to feed himself when he wasn't capable and not cared for properly. 1 female patient was sexually abused. 1 female patient was RAPED and the male nurse was struck off. 1 female patient died in the bath but no-one knows how it happened.

I was horrified when I read it and was going to report all about my mom to the CSCI and have them investigate further.

However, moms consultant asked to see us, he wanted us to tell him our concerns about mom's care.
He listened carefully as we told him of our horror, the way the patients are treated and how we have seen the deterioration in the other patients as well as our mother, we did as he requested and didn't hold back. I told him of my findings on the history of the hospital and that we were going to put in a complaint .

He was shocked at some of the things we told him. How can they assess patients when they are drugged so much that they are incapable of staying awake and when they are you can see the glazed expession . They just like them to be quiet and if they get agitated in anyway they drug them.
One carer told me it's good that we check because if they have a new nurse that is not used to the unit they just give them the tablets to keep them quiet.

We saw a male nurse in charge giving out the drugs. He came into the lounge and called 3 times for a patient, he was expecting the patient to answer. They have dementia they can't .
The carers in a care home work hard and are never still but this place they come on duty and sit and read or sit and chat.

The consultant said he had had his concerns for a while and has now made the decision to close that particular unit.

Since our meeting we have seen some changes, the patients are now offered a drink where before they were told they had to wait until meal times. They are now offered a sandwich or cake or biscuits before bed where before they had to go from tea time at 5pm until 9 am breakfast. All because the carers could not be bothered.

We have now found a care home for mom and it is being pushed through fast. She has to go for a visit on Monday for 3 hours.

We want mom out of that place as soon as possible.

Will let you know how things progress.


Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Well done.

By following the correct procedures you have made things change. Hopefully in the future the hospital will offer better care and you can take some of the credit.

I`m sorry you had to experience this ordeal in the first place, but at least you have done something about it.

I hope your mum will settle happily into her new care home.


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May 19, 2007
How awful!
My Dad has been in assessment for only the last 10 days or so, but we're bringing him home later today because he's so upset and confused as to why he's not at home.
I must say that I can't fault the attitude of the doctors/nurses/staff, and he's been treated with the utmost kindness and respect, but what a shame that 'your' hospital is so dreadful!
And all this at what is the ultimate time of unhappiness and stress.
Good luck XXX


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Feb 26, 2007
north yorkshire
Hospital unit

I found this report report of this Hospital unit very distressing. By the sound of what was going on there it should have been closed a long time ago.

Wonder if the staff there would like there nearest and dearest treated in the same ways.

These patients are so vunerable and deserve better care and respect.

One has to fight to get these things stopped.

Do hope your Mum is soon in good accomodation, and is much better cared for.


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Apr 15, 2007
Sadly these are not isolated cases but because of your courage and willingness to speak out and be heard, you are making a difference. The more aware one becomes of situation like this, the less complacent one becomes.I hope your mum is soon settled into a new home. I wish you and mum a happier journey ahead.Taffy.

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