Hospital Assessment " Care "?????


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Sep 19, 2005
Thanks All,
It really does help to know that your not alone,

I went to see my mom yesterday not knowing what to expect. It was as if it were a different person from the previous days " nightmare ". She was alert and talking although not making any sense at all. We have to make believe we understand her and just answer.

It was obviously the drugs that they had given her that was responsible for her condition on Friday.
If we hadn't said anything they would have continued to give them to her and who knows what might have happened, I dread to think.

I will ask to speak to PALS though, that is something I didn't know so thank you.

I understand about the lack of care. We have also had days when mom has had soiled underwear on . She has at those times dressed herself and hasn't been checked or helped.
I have never seen carers so relaxed. In care homes they are run off their feet but in the hospital they just sit about for the entire shift and I do mean sit.

Perhaps it's easier if the patient is drugged so much that they can't make a fuss but the family can and we did.

We will see what todays visit brings.

Thank You All again.
Suptowngirl x


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Feb 17, 2006
Lancs, England

Hi Suptowngirl,
I have just read your initial post and I do think a lot of your mother's decline can be to them reducing her Ebixa.
I have been buying my husband Ebixa since 2003[at £2-50 a day] because our PCT won't provide it.
About 12 mths ago I asked the consultant about cutting it down to see if it made any difference and he went right down after just knocking off half a tablet so I quickly went back to 2 10mg a day.
The Doctor said they do not pick up again if you leave it off so now I have to carry on paying until our money runs out.
It does make me mad that some people get it free because I think it is a marvellous drug. I do hope your Mum improves soon.



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Sep 19, 2005
Hi Aileen,
Thanks for your reply. Yes I do agree with you about the hospital " mistake " with the Ebixa. She was confused when she was admitted but we could understand her, she did make some sense but now she talks and the words make no sense at all. The damage has been done now and there is nothing we can do.

We got the Ebixa on the NHS but I had to literally beg the consultant to give it to her and now this has happened.
This is the third mistake they have made with my mom and twice I have demanded to see the doctor about her unexplained bruising. The swelling has gone down on her hand but it is absolutely black all up to her elbow and no-one knows how it happened.
A place of " care " . What if my mom was one of the patients that have no family, what happens to them?
I am sorry to hear about your husband, perhaps if you kick up a fuss, would they prescribe it then?
One of the head nurses told me to do that, she said the quiet ones get nothing.
Thanks Again and Take Care
Suptowngirl. X


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Feb 17, 2006
As I jump in with please

I must admit I have thought of cutting down my mother medication, but only on the advice of the doctor. I think why are we prolonging something we can’t stop; it’s really hard to believe that a tablet is keeping my mother from dropping. I can see how that the medication is not working as good as it use to, that a human made this medication so it must come from nature a gift from god giving you more time with them and then still taking them away . So am going to let the medication work for as long as it wants to work in my mother system I don’t know. It’s all so mind blowing for me , dame if you do dame if you don’t give it to them , because at the end of the day its not a cure

Mum is one of the lucky one if you can call it that that gets it on the NHS, And holding it back from people that it has work for, is one of the many evils (Negative )of the human mind from the people that control this medication
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