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Homecare in nottingham?


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Apr 17, 2006
Hi All,
I have left a thread in the general forum, but as my mother in law is only 62, I thought someone out there might be able to help.
Does anyone have any contacts for Homecare in nottingham?
Unfortunately my father in law (actually, we're not married, but after 7 years, we may aswell be :)), is very ill, and has accepted that some long term care arrangements need to be made. To avoid dis-orientating Mum, and causing any more upset than already will be felt, we don't want her to have to leave her home, instead, would like her to stay at home, and with our, and my boyfriends brother's support, have a live in carer to help her. Ideally, a new lifelong friend, rather than an agency situation......

Any advice would be gratefully received !

Thank you all,


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Jan 22, 2006

I believe you have to apply to Social Services for a Carers Assessment for Direct Payments, which if granted, would entitle you to a sum of money to spend on care as you think fit. You could then secure a live-in carer privately; there is help from the Social Services with regards to the best way of doing this ie liability insurance, national insurance payments, references etc, etc. You would undoubtably have to pay some of the costs yourselves towards live-in care, as this would be quite expensive.

Hope this is of some help.