Home asking me to pay one extra week when dad left


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May 12, 2005
Hi all

When dad had to leave the first nursing home he went to in June, after they said they could not cope with him as he attacked one of the helpers and smashed a chest of drawers up. I agreed to pay for the damage to the furniture and the amount of £650 per week. He had been there for only 17 days. I have just received an amended invoice after they got the first one wrong and tried to invoice me for nearly £500 for the chest of drawers. Now they say it is £140 plus 17days and plus another week on top. I was told this is the normal procedure when someone leaves the home that they should pay for a whole extra week as the room will be empty. At first i just agreed to it as i was in a bit of a daze with everything that was going on. Thinking on it now i wonder if this is correct. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them. Do i pay for the week or not? Of course i will pay for the time that he was being cared for there and the damage but is this normal policy for homes to expect this extra payment. :confused:

Thanks Elise

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