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Mar 27, 2004
Dear Norman

I have given up the idea of holidays, I just can't cope with the incontinence away from home. I have changed and washed Margaret four times today and had the washer on four times. Tomorrow I shall have to iron four changes of clothes. I am even loathe to go to concerts now because of that difficulty.

If it wasn't for that we should be still going on our Coach Holidays every three months. I found those ideal as I could sit Margaret by the window and she was perfectly happy to ride all day, as long as I rode with her. She would also sit in the Hotel in the evening and watch the entertainment, even if she couldn't alway follow what was going on.

The only problem I encountered was I had to watch her like a hawk as she can get lost at the drop of a hat. But once I got organised with a Radar key for the disabled toilets that wasn't too bad.

I occasionally had to explain the situation to fellow travellers but they were always sympathetic and helpful.

So if you have no physical problems to overcome I would say yes go for it.

Cheers Barraf


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Jul 31, 2004
this will be my first christmas day without mg gran who will be spending the day in her nursing home, i will go and visit extra and christmas day but it wont be the same when we sit down to dinner, i just treasure the fact that she is still with us and in some ways hope this will e her last christmas as her suffering will hopefully be over by next christmas. lets raise a glass and toast all our loved ones


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Aug 31, 2003
Hi there - we're always thinking about holidays! I just had to change our annual insurance as the company now doesn't cover AD. Searching the internet for another company made me realise how important it is that we have our holidays while we can as sooner or later (hopefully later) we won't be able to go.

Off to family for Christmas and two days at a hotel in Perthshire for our wedding anniversary in between Christmas and New Year. Paris in February for a long weekend. The credit cards may not be too happy but we're enjoying ourselves while we can!

Raising a glass to you all!



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Sep 16, 2004
Dear Norman
We still go on holiday for one week every summer to Paignton, we go self catering, but there is a lovely restaurant near that are very good with Fred but we have the option to stay in the flat, we always go to the same flat Fred loves it, not much of a holiday for me but I have the respite when I can go away if I want, If I can afford it.


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Dec 21, 2004
Hi Norman, We used to have some wonderful times when we had our caravan but that was long before AD struck. I bought a second hand motor home ( 4 berth) in August this year, spent some more doing it up and we are ready for the road in 2005. As it is fully self contained the need to stop and use the public facilities will I hope be a great help. You can of course hire one from quite a few places and do a little tour at least we can now try and get away to visit some of our long term friends in other parts of the country without "putting" on them.
Is there anyone else touring with a motorhome?


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Dec 19, 2004
Dear norman,
hi my name is louise i'm a very new member, haven't spoken before, but, after looking at your thread, really made me think. I put off for 6 yrs going on holiday because of my parents being so ill, lost my dad 4yrs ago to cancer and my mum to alzheimers in sept this year, however, risked it and went on hols this year in july, nearly didn't because of the what ifs. Myself,hubby and two sons,daughter and grandaughter went. We all had a fantastic time, so much so we bought a time share to make sure we go again,again and again. It was a tonic!! ONE THAT WE ALL NEEDED. All i can say is go for it,you see something i learn't over these last few years, its not how much time we've got, its what we do with the time we have, memories are made of this. It might be difficult for you to go on hols,but try, it will be something to add to your life !!!!! kind regards louise