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Mar 1, 2019
I thought I would just share my thoughts on our holiday to Spain with my OH who has FTD ,its a little long so I apologise
The check in process was ok a slight problem with us having a aisle seat (not allowed) but our organiser ,told them she would change so all ok .
At the assistance desk a quick chat and our green and yellow lanyard was handed over.then to the security part ,
This was the part I was not looking forward to, but a lot better than the large scrum of the normal security part. OH was asked to get into the scanner and I was waved through ,then I was told to go ! But once I had pointed out OH had dementia I was allowed to stay and the chaps manner changed he spoke clearly and showed with his arms what he wanted OH to do . apart from trying to keep his breakfast on the small table while I was trying to eat mine the plane journey was uneventful .
Travelling with a large party helped me as I was got assistance with my suitcases. As OH talks about them but has no idea about storage on a coach lol
Our hotel was very nice and once I spoke to the head chap in the restaurant we had the same table in a quiet part every day.
We had 1 very heart pounding experience OH decided that he would walk down the stairs and then back up again to help with his reluctant bowel movements SORRY ,this was something that he had done the day before with no problem, But on this day he went down from floor 3 and never returned!!After 10 mins I started looking for him ,luckily some our gang was about, after they had done a search of the hotel toilets etc management agreed for me to check ctv .OH had never made it to reception floor . Management said he must be in a room so they arranged to check rooms floor by floor ,OH was found in on floor 1 sat on a bed patiently waiting my return! No idea he had been missing for nearly 2 hours ,
Our Spanish airport experience was very pleasant waved through by a smiling lady and asked if we wanted help at every turn . Again at Manchester straight through which is great ,
Our journey home was stressful but not for him and not caused by him . Our plane was delayed by 1&half hours by passenger problems, then our coach broke down after a hour of settling off,resulting in a 3 hour wait on hard shoulder on saddleworth moor waiting for another . Home at last and OH has slept for about 13 hours straight . Would I do it again YES in a flash but only with our friends ,i feel alone it may have been another story we have had a good time and I do feel refreshed.
Pity no one to help with the washing and ironing lol


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Jan 5, 2014
Thanks for the update and pleased to hear you had a good time. Take your time with the washing and ironing, it doesn't need doing today.


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Jan 3, 2015
North Yorkshire
Well done you!! You should try and take your holidays as long as you can! I always take as many of the family as I can to help care for my wife .... that way I can feel its a holiday for all including me! We are now past the flight stage so no more Spanish sun for us!! .... but we can still holiday in the UK and are doing....... the hardest part I find is the getting her washed and dressed in the mornings at home we have a daily carer on holiday there is just me... so it can get very stressful and tiring in the mornings especially if she is having one of her unco-operative days .... but the family help in all other matters and a good time is had by all!!
The point of the post is just to support all carers in going on holiday and if you are fortunate enough to have family and friends that will go with you you should holiday for as long as you can! ... don't give up on your holidays!!


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Mar 1, 2019
@Sunseeker1977 Thanks for your kind reply
As we had booked paid for the holiday before the diagnosis every one told us to go .OH was diagnosed last November and the consultant said that he probably had for about 2 years previously. To explain who we go with ,a friend organises the holiday each year and it's up to you to decide on whether to go or not ....so the people do change ..but mainly it's the same ones ..we have gone for the past 20 years .not missed one .
I think if we had been alone I would not have come back so refreshed.
Have 30 odd other people there was a blessing .The company was lovely as anyone who has a PWD will know it can be a lonely place. I knew once he was settled by the pool with his headphones on I could go for my swim knowing that he was watched by others in our group. Plus that chit chat from the others helped him .
Mornings are the stressed out part of our day too .hence the wrong room bit .
Keep cheerful tomorrow is another day


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Mar 17, 2005
Hi Lilypat just read you have been on your holiday hope all went well no problems, you may remember I wrote on you previous thread (Assisted Aid at Airport) and my travel insurance saga well I have now been on holiday obviously No Insurance went to Majorca for 11 days with my wife and cousin I was in room 957 :) and my wife and cousin were in 926 right at other end of corridor ;), I always hire a car drove over 1100 kilometres no problems :D I always record my journeys on car camera just in case my driving licence is up for renewal in couple of week’s time o_O so I have 1100 km worth of evidence of my driving around Majorca so as usual always getting ready and prepared for battle :D:D, went into hospital last week 28thhad two cancers remove from neck :( all went well with that so dancing on quietly now :):)



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Mar 1, 2019
Hi #Countryboy
Yes thanks we had a great time , the sun shone each day the hotel was lovely and so was the staff. We enjoyed going out walking nearly every day either to the promenade or the park , and each night we had a stroll around to a lovely little bar that was just right for us.
Our holiday insurance was not dear and we plan to hopefully repeat the experience next year ,if hubby's health remains as good as it is now .
As we went the a party of people I believe this helped us both with having others to talk to and assistance if required.
I am glad you too had a nice holiday. I wish you well in the future with your health

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