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Holiday ideas ?


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Jul 14, 2015
Hi I am a carer for my 69 year old wife with dementia. We always used to holiday abroad to beach holidays but am not sure now if this is suitable. Does anyone have any ideas or know where i can get some information ?

Pete J

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Jul 19, 2012
My Wife has mid/late Alzheimer's.
Over the years I have never managed to get my wife to go abroad for a holiday.
last year I managed to get my Wife to Majorca on two separate occasions for two weeks each time all inclusive. She certainly seem to enjoy it.
It was very costly because I paid for a carer to come along with us, but well worth it.
Every time she sees an airplane in the sky, she points up to it as much as to say wee should be on that, but because of her deterioration I think this year would be a little too ambitious to consider going abroad, at least I managed it twice.
I would recommend to anyone, if the opportunity is there take it, at least you will have some fond memories in amongst all that anger and grief, and besides you as a carer need a break too.
Remember you can't turn the clock back, and they don't make shrouds with pockets.
If your loved one ever has to go into a care home they will certainly relive them of any capital.
Hope you make the right decision.
Kind Regards