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Hoisting someone with hip fractures and sciatica


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Feb 5, 2009
i would be interested to know regulations around hoisting someone with hip fractures and sciatica? Mum is very light but because she can no longer weight bear - she is deemed to need hoisting.

She is so depressed at the indignity of being hoisted and because hoisting takes time I believe she is toileted less frequently. Again, even though she can no longer speak a sentence she is still aware of what is right and dignified. She would rather sit on a toilet than soil her pad.

Two people can easily stand her up and toilet her because she is so light.

Nanny state gone mad again? Rules do not always take the individual into consideration. Hoisting is not in her best interests in this case and could be deemed as abuse? Can anyone imagine the awfulness of being afraid of going to the toilet 1) because they don't like being hoisted, and/or 2) they don't want to soil themselves - and not being able to say.
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