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High sugar count does it affect alzheimers

cheryl k

Registered User
Sep 9, 2012
Hi everyone

I have a question -- Has anyone seen their loved one have a harder time with their alzheimer;s when their sugar count is high?

The other week my Dad had a cold which effected his sugar count --- very high --- and Dad seemed to have a harder time with his alzheimer's. He seemed extra confused and bewildered. He no longer has his cold, sugar count is under control and Dad seems totally with it-- coherent, forms his words better and can look you in the eye when having a conversation.

Would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks everyone



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Mar 24, 2012
Yes my husband is always more confused when his blood sugar is high this has been discussed a few times on here but I can't find it anywhere at the moment I will have a look in the morning if you would like me to ,

Jeany x

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