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Hi there! My father has Dementia and need urgent assistance with current care home


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Apr 3, 2015
My father has been in a reasonable care home for a little over 2 years, and everything was going OK until last day of last week - before holiday weekend started.

My sister lives in New Zealand and She normally rings dad - he is 95/nearly 96 and a proper gentleman - always with bright white shirt, colourful tie, cardigan and his favourite hat.
The carer that answered her call accidentally let slip that he was going to be moved/relocated on wednesday!!! - just over 2 days from now!!

Never any acknowledgement from care home - strangely there was no one answering phones.
We heard that he was "scheduled " to go 12 miles away - to a care home that has had seriously terrible reviews for last 4-5 years -consistently. - and that the CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse) was organising the transfer for next Wednesday morning. No one to date has contacted us!!!
They are obviously after his room/bed.
We have looked everywhere local for a place - but have only got placed on one waiting list but we are next in line for a slot.

The Inpection reports for this "transfer" home are absolutely abysmal - we have actually visited it once - my partner got as far as the "reception" desk and turned around and went back outside to wait in car - smell was everywhere - yuk!!
We left and though no more about it !! Told them we had reviewed it and thought nothing more of it!!

So - on Tuesday when all homes should be back up and running as normal I fear that my father might be transferred- against our wishes - to this other terrible home!!

Luckily, I had managed to get the help of a young lady aswering calls for local Social Services to instruct the existing care home to put everything on hold - at least until Tuesday.
Yes I know its a long tale - but - how do i stop this care home from relocating my dad without knowing - and without permission. I have visions of them taking dad at first light in the cold morning to that frightening place - he definitely would freak out and not be happy at all.
I actually suspect the local Social services are involved themselves - they threw a hissy fit last week when i advised that i had finally found a "suitable" home for dad - but would cost £1220 per week !!

Any comments or better still - any ideas how to stop the forced relocation??

walking lad HELP!!
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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
If he was self funding the contract would be with him and not the LA, in which case any move would have to be negotiated with him or his representative. It therefore looks as if he is LA funded.

Does anybody have POA?

"They are obviously after his room/bed."

I would rephrase that to "They are obviously after a cheaper room/bed"

Unless he is being moved from 'residential' to EMI or 'nursing'?