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Ali M

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Jun 21, 2006

I'm new to the forum and just trying to find some help and info about my situation and my dad. My Dad is only 61 and has Alzheimers he lives alone and i am trying to care for him and would love to do more. I am 23 and work 25 hours a week. My partner works full time and has 3 children. I find caring for my Dad hard work we get no extra help at the moment as everytime i try and get help for us we hit a brickwall, mainly because he is so young. I am unable to register myself as a caring as i work. I have called the Alzheimers society today and they have given me some really helpful info on were to get help and how. I dread to think what would happen if i didn't live near him, i mean how bad does he need to get before we get help? At the moment he barley cleans or cooks for himself, his personal hygene has gone and he forgets to take his medication, aswell as all the other effects from Alzheimers. :confused:
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Jul 15, 2005
Hi Ali,
Welcome to TP. There are alot of people here that are familiar with the services and system you must deal with. Just know there is alot of emotional help here and wonderful people that are more than happy to listen. Come back often.


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Ali,
Do you have a CPN or a Social Worker involved? They would be my first idea; the CPN is organised through the GP - they might then be able to give access to other agencies.
Welcome to TP. Another member was asking yesterday were they the youngest carer - I think you've just nicked that spot!! Keep posting, use TP to rant and rave, ask questions ,have a chat. Lots of lovely people on here who are experienced in coping with dementia, and happy to share and support.
Love Helen


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Feb 6, 2006
Hi Ali

Has your Dad actually been diagnosed with AD and if so was this recently? THe reason I ask is that once we had a diagnosis of Vascular Dementia for my MIL who is 62 we found that the service she was receiving improved. At first her care was under the umbrella of a Social Worker with responsibility for Mental Health and saw a Psychiatrist who did not specialise in dementia. After the diagnosis, she was transferred to the old age team and har care has improved 10-fold.

She now goes to a Day Hospital twice a week where she is assessed over a whole day as well as being occupied and having company. That compares with the previous 10/15 minute appointments that she was normally keyed up for and presented reasonably okayish much to our frustration!

My MIL also lives alone and has carers coming in twice daily for meds etc and also three times a week for longer periods to provide company and a bit of practical help in the house. We are trying to get them also to take her out on a weekly shopping trip to save us having to rush this at the weekend - does not really mix with three young children in tow!

All this care package has been added to over the previous months to it's current level and initially I suppose it was the GP that started the ball rolling and referred my MIL to Social Services. We were getting really frustrated with the limitations of what could be offered initially - a community alarm (would have been disconnected after the first week I think as it would have been constantly used), meals delivered ( MIL has very limited tastes and can still manage meals herself), and respite care (she saw as putting her away at the time). We were so relieved when her care was transferred.

Hope that you get somewhere with the info you received from the AS.

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