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Oct 23, 2006
Hi everyone. Im 17 years old and my great grandma is suffering from alzhimers. We only just realized recently how bad it had gotten. At the moment she isn't talking to me or my mother because shes go into one of her moods. We haven't phoned the doctors yet because she thinks we are against her and trying to put her in a home. Ive read a lot of the things we can do but the thing is she wont go out and doesnt eat many things as she is a vegan. We really dont no what to do anymore. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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Feb 22, 2006
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hiya Jen, it's scarey when you first realise how bad something has got (for your great grandma as well as you I guess). I don't think her being vegan needs to be a problem ;) (though I have to admit to worrying, when I was visting dad in his nursing home, about whether there would be suitable veggie options if I ever ended up somewhere like that).

I think it would be a good idea to talk to your mother about phoning the GP. You can explain to the GP that great grandma is anxious about you putting her into a home. It wouldn't be the first time the GP has had to deal with similar situations. I think it's your first step really to getting your great grandma the help that she's going to need.

best wishes with it. let us know how you get on.



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Sep 22, 2006
Hi jen

just wanted to say welcome to T P the fact that you have found this site shows just how much you care. I agree with aine see about seeing her G P. I hope you get things sorted out and remember any time you need to talk we are all here to listen.

take care kathyx


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Oct 17, 2006
Hi Jen,
I'm 43 and its my Mum who's suffering from Alzheimer's. When it became obvious Mum was more than having trouble with short term memory I spoke to my GP, mum is in the same practice so, although my GP is not hers she does know her.
The GP got in touch with Old People's Mental Health Dept as it's now called here, a Community Phsyciatric Nurse got in touch with me for background information then she went to assess Mum. Mum accepted her visit without question. It was handled with great sensitivity.
By the way my Mum still loves to eat food but just stopped preparing it about 18 mnths ago it was as though the ability or reason to do it was just erased from her memory.
Good luck, once you speak to someone you at least get some sort of relief that they at least understand everything we are going through,

Love to you and your family, Lesley


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Oct 23, 2006
The trouble is she keeps saying she is going to throw us out and stuff. Its her house so if she went into a home or anything we are worried it would be taken away, and we are obvoiusly worried about being thrown out.

Today been a good day, shes been ok with us like her old self. Worried about what tommorow might bring though. :(

lou lou

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Nov 9, 2005
Dear JenJen,

I don't want to raise any false hopes but when I was a nurse I came across several patients who were treated for Vitamin B12 deficiency which produces symptoms scarily like dementia.

I wonder if your great gran being vegan and not eating well might need checking out medically.

I was vegan for a while but's damn hard work. I just decided one day that a life without cheese was a life not worth living.

Hope things settle down for you all

Much Love

Lou Lou


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Feb 24, 2006
The respite home where my mother went offered vegetarian alternatives but not vegan, they bought brown bread for my mother though, which none of the others ate or wanted.