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Hi Amy


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Feb 9, 2008
County Durham
I am new to TP but very glad i found the site i have been reading through the last 3 weeks and its been a great help.I am going through the same scenario. My mam was diagnoised with alzheimers almost 3 weeks ago now... i'm finding it very hard to come to terms with i keep crying then getting very angry i have a 6 month old daughter and a very supportive partner. My brother is in Iraq and not home for another couple of months and mam doesn't want him to know until he's back home. Its all a big shock but the Alzheimers Society have been very helpfull. But i am so worried about my mam, she lives on her own and @ the moment its very hard to believe she has alzheimers although a couple of times she has forgot certain names for items i.e she would say " you know that thing you take when you have a cold" and she would mean a Lemsip drink. Or she would forget what time it is during the day. I'm finding it hard as i don't know whats the best way to tell my mam when she says is it 3.30pm and i say no mam its 12 O Clock? i'm probably not making any sense either sorry! can anyone help to advise? should i be helping my mam with the words she is trying to find? Please helpx:confused:


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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Davina,
When my husband was first diagnoised and he got words wrong and I knew what he was talking about, I just use to go along with it, rather than confuse him more.
Looking at the time and trying to work out what time it was, I use to say time for a cup of tea.
Although AD affects people in many different ways, what works for one does not always work for all.
Unfortunately, it is a case of finding what works for you with your Mum.
I wish you all the best and more people will come on line and offer other help.
Best wishes

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