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Hi - advice would be greatly appreciated


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Jun 8, 2015
Hi everyone,

Just looking for a bit of advice regarding my gran who was diagnosed with the early stages of alzheimers this time last year. Its really hard for me to watch the woman who raised me from birth decline so much. I am very very close with her and want to do the best i can to help care for her.

We have recently returned from a holiday abroad with her - before the hol - she was very excited and determined to go but it looks like it was a very bad idea.

My Aunt is her main full time caregiver and lives with her and i of course help out where i can but my aunt is always there too. On holiday my nan broke her hip and has had to stay out there along with my mum and aunt (who is my gran with alz carer) which left me bringing my gran home alone - which was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life as i dont really know what im doing.

At the airport on the way back she complained of excruciating leg pains and was absolutely freezing cold - the aiport was boiling. She was wearing 3 layers - a shawl and had 2 blankets round her and was still uncontrolably shivering. Getting her into the car when we landed took us half an hour because she wasnt responding to our ques to try and move her legs - (also had to carry her down the plane steps as she wouldnt move) she has never been like this before.

On return within a day she has had 3 toilet 'accidents' as she seemed to think she was on the loo although i was trying to guide her and just seems to have literally changed within a few hours. Shes okay for now but im unsure of what to do.