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Mar 8, 2007
From feeling abandoned and ignored(my post a few weeks ago), we have now been assessed for nhs funding and had the pleasure of being 'scored' or rather my mum was,under the new criteria. Still waiting for the next summons for the decision, but it still seems that criteria are made so you just miss out. How can anyone doubly incontinent for example be classed as moderate in that category? but they manage to! Anyway she "scored" one severe and four high but whats the betting thats not enough? Anyone else been in similar situation since october 1st?


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Jul 6, 2007
leigh lancashire
Dear Sallyann,i have no idea of the area you are in.i can only tell you that since the government moved the goalposts?i was told by a s/w and csci inspector that "severe or high" scoring then dominated the care needs.Nursing,EMI etc.i can't understand the system sometimes but then i can.sufferers are often put in misplaced care,and the battle to have them rebanded and put into appropriate care can be horrendous.Perhaps thats why they are being cautious?
dunno,justa thought.hope you get sorted with it elainex