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Helping to design something that will aid those with dementia use public transport

Hannah Designer

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Nov 15, 2015
I am a graphic designer who is writing a report on dementia. I am really keen on designing something that could be used or displayed within public transport to help those with dementia use them more easily. Does anybody have any suggestions on what could help them or the person they care for use transport more independently? Whether it be an advert or poster at stations promoting social awareness and steps to help those who are struggling, or whether it is the simplicity of having stations/stops said more clearly on a speaker or visual/audio aids. Or maybe it is a piece of technology like a pager that could vibrate when they've reached their destination or a simple to use personalised map. All ideas, suggestions and criticisms welcome.
Thank you so much,
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Jan 24, 2016
Public transport

Hi I think speakers at all bus stops would hugely improve helping people with Alzheimer's I know it word for mum as she has trouble seeing the number on the front of the bus

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