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Helpful products for isolation


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Apr 29, 2014
Lots of people have been asking how people living with dementia can stay engaged and entertained at home during isolation. To help with this, we've had the below message from our Online Shop team :)

They remain open for business, and they're committed to doing everything they can to keep the shop running smoothly.


We have a great range of products that we sell through our online shop and Daily living aids catalogue. These are designed to help people with dementia and their carers to be more comfortable in their homes, whilst supporting independence and safety.

These include products such as:
  • reminder clocks to keep track of time
  • easy to use telephones to stay in touch
  • signs to help with wayfinding
  • specially designed crockery to make eating and drinking easier
  • products to help with washing and keeping hydrated, which right now is more important than ever
We also have a fantastic selection of simple music players, and games and activities that support enjoyment, independence, communication and quality of life that would help to address some of the issues that are arising as a result of isolation.

Visit the online shop >here<

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