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Helpful mobile phone person


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Apr 26, 2014
Dunstable, Bedfordshire
My mobile phone is my lifeline. I use it to organise all sorts of things.I know how to do things on it. Its not too complicated, unlike my wife's phone and it gives me confidence to go out!

The problem is that the battery isn't holding charge; it barely lasts half a day any more, but there is a whole mine field involved in buying a new one. It seems manufacturers change the size almost every time they bring out a new one!

The 'simple' solution seemed to be getting an 'upgrade'. The contract allows me to do that every 2 years, and I have had this one for longer than that.

With fear and trepidation I went into the shop, expecting to be confused.

BUT I explained to the assistant that I have dementia and she couldn't have been more helpful. I left the shop after only half an hour,not having bought anything I don't need and with a new phone which works like the old one. She set it up for me so that I could make calls straight away. There was something about my number, but she said that would put itself right within 24 hours, which it did.

She even arranged things so that the apps I am familiar with and use lots somehow arrived on the phone and so did my contacts.

The assistant was helpful and patient with me, but not in the least bit patronising.

It really helped my confidence.

I've had it 3 days now, and not needed to charge it yet.

I wish all shops could have soemone like this!



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Nov 6, 2013

Hey John,

Brilliant to be able to report something as positive as this. Something you were dreading has worked out really well in the end. Confidence building for sure.

Well done to you for even giving it a go and many thanks for posting.

Lovely to hear from you.

JigJog x


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Apr 12, 2014
I am on a very cheap sim only contract which was arranged by my ex employers.
My phone will be 4 years old at the end of March but I did not want to change it in case the providers are changed which happened a few years ago.

The phone kept ringing and there was never anybody there.
I took it in to the shop and they told me the software needed updating and they told me to just plug in it to my laptop and it took about 15 minutes to update.
The other problem I had was my battery was running down in half a day.
The shop assistant told me it would probably be uneconomic for them to supply a battery and he sent me to my local market.
I got a battery for £5 and my phone is running ok.