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Helpful everyday products catalogue


Staff member
May 5, 2020
Have you seen our Helpful Everyday Product catalogue?

Our new 2022 catalogue is full of great products designed to help with everyday life for people living with dementia and their carers.

Products are tested and reviewed by people affected by dementia to ensure we are offering the most helpful range.

We also check our competitors to make sure we offer you the best prices. Look out for VAT relief prices in pink; if you have dementia or are buying on someone’s behalf, you are entitled to VAT relief and 20% off the price.

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Or call 0333 366 0035 for a catalogue.



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Aug 2, 2022
Thanks for this. The table of content helps with just thinking what we might need.

My Mum is trying to stay in her own home (this week is the first full week after a couple of months of being with us after coming out of hospital) and we're rapidly discovering things we may need to buy.