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Dec 5, 2003
Hello all, glad to see everyone hasn't disappeared!

I bought a couple of books on the subject of Alzheimers the other day. One was recommended via this site and is called 'Learning to Speak Alzheimers'. I have given this to my Mum to read, and she is finding it incredibly helpful. It is aimed at the American reader, and so parts about the health system aren't totally relevant but the information on how to cope in different situations is brilliant and so in-depth. The other book I bought is called 'The Forgetting'. This is the one I'm currently reading. It's quite scientific, but for anyone inquisitive to learn about the medical side of the disease, and its history, it's really interesting.

Has anyone read any good books on the subject? I couldn't find much in Waterstones the other day, and it's hard to know whether things will actually be helpful or just repeating what you've already read.

My Mum's back off to the doctor's next week, and I've made her promise she's going to check on my Nan's 'assessment' (the one we've never properly had!). With a bit of luck and perseverance hopefully we'll get somewhere this time!

Hope everyone's well.
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