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Dec 17, 2015
My mother has been diagnosed with Alzeimers. Her partner died recently and my sister took Mum to live with her. Today my sister broke down and said she could not cope with mum. I've collected her but I would like to arrange some help if possible I work. My work have been very good and have covered my shifts for the next few days but I will need to return at some point. What are my options??


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Jun 6, 2012
Hi SarahJane

It depends where you live what services might be available to you, I googled and looked in local paper and eventually found 2 very good local services that the GP and social services hadn't been aware of. I also use Age uk who run a service which picks up and drops off too which is a bonus. Private care companies also offer sitters.

It can be difficult and isn't organised quickly, there has been several times over the years when I am suddenly looking for something else so I now I am constantly keeping my ears open for what's on offer in case I need it. Social services also run some services and they will be able to point you in the direction of care homes and sometimes they do day care as well. The GP may be able to direct you as well. The Alzheimers society have liaison workers who can signpost you as well so contact them.

Try and arrange flexible working with your employer if you can, you will need their on going support as a carer, Also does your sister live near you? once she is rested ask her how you can work together because you will need to support each other on this journey. I hope I have given you some ideas and all the best.


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Dec 15, 2012
Hi Sarahjane1967
what a tricky situation your family is in
Do you live in the same area as your sister so that you can contact your mum's GP and consultants about this change of address and circumstances? Maybe you've already done that. Both certainly need to know, especially if your sister has found that your mum's behaviour has deteriorated - you don't say why your sister can no longer cope (and, of course, you don't have to).
I would contact Social Services as soon as you can and ask for immediate support - mention that your mum is a vulnerable adult and at risk as you must work and can't be with her at all times. Has there already been an assessment of her needs? Maybe your sister had a care package in place so you could contact the provider? If she is self funding, I would have thought that you could make/ arrangements yourself.
If your mum's behaviour has changed dramatically and suddenly, she may have a UTI, so definitely worth having that checked by her GP and get her on antibiotics asap.
best wishes