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May 16, 2015
A member of my family Has power of attorney, they are not thinking of my mums best interests it seems to be look at me i am in control, this is so hard to be not able to get information about my mums health.
Do i have any rights at all being her daughter,i am not at all intrested about her finances,only to make shore her care home is payed and she is having the care she deceives, i am so deverstated i cant do anything for the best for my mum.i just dont know what to do,:(

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Surely as her daughter you can visit her in her home and speak to the staff about your mum`s wellbeing. You won`t need power of attorney for this.


Volunteer Moderator
Jul 14, 2006
Hi and welcome to Talking Point.

As Grannie G has said, visit your Mum, you will see how she is and the level of care she is getting. The staff will speak to you and let you know how she is during the time you are not there.

So many members have upsetting visits only to find that the rest of the time their relative is content. It is a bit like leaving a child at nursery, they cry when Mum is there but join in and enjoy once Mum Has gone.

I am sure if the bills were not being paid then your Mum would not be there. Try not to worry and enjoy some visits with Mum.

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