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Apr 6, 2015
I'm a carer not related but employed.The gentleman I work for has been pressurized into hiring agency, however I have noticed when he is stressed his memory seems to worsen,when he's back to his normal routine he's bounces back. His family doesn't seem to believe me, (they visit a couple of times a year), has anyone else experienced this?:confused:


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Hello . Welcome to TP.
Yes I noticed this with my mum. I am pretty sure other on here will be along saying the same .

Their can come a time when routines and familarality help the person feel more secure.
I am guessing that when the family visit they do not see the gentleman you look after at his best and they assume that he is the same all the time, it is an easy mistake to make for those who have little first hand experience.
Having said that I have met a few people with dementia who apart from being with their wives , were outside their usual routines and with a group of people who were unfamiliar to them , who not only coped very well they were relaxed and enjoyed themselves.
Also as you probably know only too well, just like with any other illness, people with Dementia have their good and bad days .

Their is a saying on here that is so very true ,
' Once you have seen one person with Dementia, you have seen one person with with Dementia'

It must be difficult that his family don't believe you.
Do you think they would come on this site
I was wondering if you could send them some pics or other proof via say email.