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Mar 6, 2015
Lanzarote Canary Islands
I am the sole carer for my partners mother, who has Alzheimer's.
I live in Lanzarote.
She owns her own home in Barcelona, and lives with us here permanently, and has for over a year, as she lost her husband, and could not possibly live alone
My partner Vidal, is her only son, so she has no one else.
He is entitled to use, or control her bank account.
But, has no say over her home, which she refuses point blank to sell.
Obviously, if we go to a solicitor over here to sell the home, she will refuse to sign.
She is so very stubborn, and we don't know what to do?
She will obviously have to sign the document, and I know the answer will be a positive NO NO NO.
What on earth can we do?
If she needs any help, or has to go into a home, the money will be needed for that, as we do not have any at all.
It is a big worry for us.
Does anyone know what we could do about this?
Thank you if you can help?


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Aug 24, 2013
Hi Vee welcome to TP
Someone on here's bound to know the laws in Spain and I hope it's not a complicated as the ones over here. You might try looking on a Spanish ex-pat website and see if there's anything there. Would it be possible (with or without her knowing) to rent the house out if you can't sell, occupied it would be more secure and would provide an income. If she's from Barcelona then do you have any family or friends there who might want to rent? Just a thought.

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