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Jan 1, 2007
I registered ith TP a couple of years ago when Dad was first diagnosed. Ihavent been on here much, although Dad was forgetfull it didnt seem that bad. He lives with Mum, anyhow to cut a long story short Mum was addmitted into hospital on Thursday, I went up daily to take him to the hospital as there was no way he could find his own way, cooked his dinner etc, when i arrived on saturday he was in a terrible state, crying, shaking, gibbering,collapsing, so I called an ambulance and he is now in the same hospital as Mum, till SS get involved. His neighbours have just told me he has been as bad as that for ages, yet everytime I visit he seems quite lucid, he also manages to appear alot better when a doctor appears, although it is very apparent he is unable to cope alone now.

It is killing me seeing him like this, crying, frightened lost and alone, I wish i could just scoop him up and take all the bad things away, but i cant, this time there is no light at the end of the tunnel. i have managed to get a week off work so I can be at the hospital all the time, but dread what will happen, I knew it was coming, but still, now it has come to a head am finding it hard to cope, trying to be strong for him, and of course my mum, i love them both so much and its killing me to see them suffer.


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Jul 20, 2008
Dear Janeymouse

This is sad news and it must be very stressful and upsetting having both parents in hospital. I'm sure you appreciate the benefits though of having them both in the same hospital.

I was wondering whether a week off work would be enough or whether you would need to negotiate for a bit more time.

I hope that you find Talking Point supportive Janeymouse especially at this heart-wrenching time.

Love and best wishes