maggie williams

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Jan 9, 2005

My father in law has been a sufferer for the past 4 years and is gradually deteroriating. He is 73 years old and lives with a 36 year old women. We know nothing about his companian she does not talk about her private life at all, she never takes him to visit his family is not interested in taking him to his hospital appointments lets us do all the running around. Over Christmas and New Year Dad came to stay with us and she dissapeared and did not talk to him at all over this period. Recently it has come to light that they have been engaged for 6 years and have kept it a secret, we are very worried that she is "controlling" him and indications are that she has tried to get Dad to change his will and get a percentage of his house. We have registered for an Enduring Power of Attorney and this should go through by the end of January, is this enough to protect him, my husband and I are not happy that he is living with her his own house has stood empty now for over a year and is in need of attention. He will not have a bad word said against her and it has become impossible to talk to him about financial/house arrangements because he can not hold what we are telling him.


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Oct 9, 2003
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I would suggest that you look at the thread "protecting property" it is iin tea room.
The replies there will probably help you.