Help with rent on a property that they cannot live in.


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Apr 11, 2024
My aunt and uncle were both put into a residential home in January 2023, due to a deterioration in their dementia. They were both taken from hospital to the care home as they could no longer live on their own or together and needed alot more help. I applied for Deputyship for them both in May 2023 as they had no LPA. All the while they have been paying over £500 a month on rent for their flat that they used to reside in. I was hoping once I received Deputyship that I would be able to cancel the tenancy and the Direct Debit for the rent. I received the Deputyship on Tuesday for my aunt, still waiting for my uncles to come through the post and the judge has ordered that I cannot cancel the tenancy on the flat due to my aunt have a court representative from the Swan Advocacy to see if she can go back home. ( There is no way she can, as her dementia would not allow for her to care on her own, as shown in all the Dols Assessments that have been passed onto the court). So now they will continue to pay for the rent on a property they cannot live in and the council are chasing me for the £1400 per week that it has been costing the council since January 2023. Can't begin to think how much she owes the care home! Is there anyway of getting help to pay the rent on the flat they used to reside in or clawing some back of what they have already paid. They have ended up in care through no fault of their own and it seems so unfair that all their hard earned money is being taken by 2 residencies. They were given an inheritance by my aunt when she passed in 2018, however all this money will just be gone on the care home for what she owes there, and will leave no money to continue paying for the rent on the flat. Any help would be so appreciated. I am at my wits end with it all.

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Jul 4, 2017
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This sounds quite complicated. It may be a good idea to speak to an advisor on the Alzheimer’s Society helpline. See the link below and they may be able to advise.


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Jan 5, 2024
Have you tried the citizens advice? And do you have access to any legal advice helpline?

The whole process with social services, COP, DOLs et takes so long, I feel for you as this does sound very stressful and complicated on top of dealing with your aunt and uncles dementia/health issues - good luck and look after yourself too

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Feb 8, 2020
@kbr72 bearing in mind that these aren't the closest relations while respecting the relationship to your aunt and uncle, I would seriously consider giving up your deputyship and handing this over to Social Services.