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Help with Dad


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May 3, 2004

My dad has early on set Alzheimer’s he is 58, we has had other problems - urine infections and retention which eventually let to him being admitted to hospital back in October. He lost about 3 stone in a very short period of time and stopped eating and drinking. We had thought dad had Alzheimer’s for some time odd things he was doing was just like nan (his mum) who had Alzheimer’s as well.

Cut a long story short dad has suffered from really bad depression for some years he has had electic shock treatment for his severe depression which has eventually led to him eating and drinking again but still left with AD.
He has been in hospital ever since and had the odd day home and recently had a few overnights. Which have been hard work he cant be left on his own, he thinks there is nothing wrong with him. After specking to his doctor he also agrees that he is not safe enough to be left home alone and need to look in to where he can go. contacting older people section to give some help.

Dad has been delusional last few days or so he believes he is rich, brought the house next door and is moving in very soon. He thinks he can come home for good something he has not been told and am wondering if this is "normal" have not had this before but no matter what he believes this is true. The hospital he is in is moving so though this might be why the sudden change.

Has anyone else had this kind of thing happen and what to do?

Thanks for the advice


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Mar 7, 2004
Hi Kaz. It is so hard to try to make sense of these various 'stages' in the progress of the dementia.

Lionel was never depressed, but behavioural changes would often occur. This in a man who accepted his diagnosis in the initial instance, and went on to research all aspects of the illness.

This did not stop the lapses into the 'unreal'. He too was under the delusion that he was very rich, that he had inherited pots of money and, at least, half a dozen houses.
He would try to 'give' my grandsons houses when they came to visit.

I learned that it was easier to 'go along' with his thoughts.
There was no point in trying to make him see things any other way, after all this was now his world.

I do so feel for you and the family.
It may be that he has picked up on the fact that the hospital is moving, but I suspect not. We are always looking for answers to impossible/improbable situations.

I do hope that this stage in dad's illness passes soon.
However I am sure it will be replaced with something just as challenging.

This post was just to reassure you that you are not alone.
Take care now.