Help - we are getting continous broken nights

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  1. frangipan

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    Mar 17, 2015
    hi, we had the same problem with Dad, he was prescribed both temezepam and zopiclone for sleeping but they were too effective and left him sleepy all day, herbal remedys did not work either. In the end it was the community matron who sorted it by pointing out that it was anxiety and depression that lay at the root of the problem. Trying to knock out an anxious person is difficult. She phoned the doctor and told him what to prescribe (she really did; we were in awe). He now takes antidepressants and his sleeping is much much better.
  2. Tess6266

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    Mar 4, 2015
    Why don't you put him into a care home for a week, you can get some respite and they may be able to regulate his sleeping pattern! :)
  3. Daddygee

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    Jan 12, 2015
    West Sussex
    Sleepless Nights

    My wife has Parkinsons Dementia which is similar to dementia with lewy bodies she was having periods of disruptive sleep.The Neurologist and the Pshychoterapist at the memory clinic prescribed rivastigmine slow release daily and a small dose of quetiapine late at evening .She now sleeps peacefully most nights.
    Fortunately we have a very good dementia support network in our area.
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    Feb 22, 2015
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    Broken sleep

    Hi i help mum look after my dad & for months now we've had hardly any sleep the GP was reluctant to give him sleeping tablets in case he falls but we couldn't carry on as we were doing & rang to tell the GP something had to be done . She relented & has put him on Temazepam but we are still having broken sleep. Think he needs a stronger dose but she won't give him anything stronger. If it was them living with sleepless nights they would think differently. We are getting to our wits ends think it may be time to ring GP again & tell her we need a stronger dose if it's a stronger dose he might sleep all night .
    I've found a book " The dementia experience " Jennifer Ghent Fuller available on digital copy so I downloaded it on iPad but I've just ordered a paper back copy for my mum so she can understand what's happening to dad
  5. Paulette395

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    Jan 18, 2014
    Sometimes the simple ideas work.

    Dad, being ex-army understood the 24 hour clock. We got him a £10 illuminated digital read-out bedside clock and told him he couldn't get up if the read-out was between
    22:00 and 24:00 or 01:00 to 08h00
    We wrote it on a chart by his bed. Although his dementia was severe he was so used to army regulations from 1940 that he was much happier having that knowledge and able to regulate himself. He would sometimes watch TV or make a cup of tea to while away his hours but he knew not to go out or disturb us between those hours shown on his clock. He could read it in the dark so knew to stay in bed without getting up and waking up more fully.
    Hope it can work for you.
  6. annie irma

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    Apr 3, 2014
    Lewy body dementia sleepless nights

    Hi, our Mum has Lewy Body Dementia and is now in a care home. The unsettled and constant waking at nights became a real problem but it wasn't till one of the night nurses, in the home, came to us in tears saying she was completely unable to reassure or settle Mum at night that something was done. The psychiatrist prescribed Mum Zopiclone, sleeping tablets are not recommended by NICE for use in care homes, and now she is able to get about 6 hours fairly settled sleep. This in turn helps her during the day as being tired does not help the dementia and the Parkinsonisms. We have found managing the Lewy body dementia and Parkinson's is a constant juggling act but please don't stop badgering Drs etc. We have found most don't really understand as LBD is always changing and every time you go to Drs/psychiatrist etc Mum seems to be on best behaviour but saves all her paranoia/ delusions for us!!
  7. dede5177

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    Feb 5, 2015
    dementia with lewy bodies

    My Mom has this type of dementia and was very vocal at times and wont accept anything that does not concur with the voices in her head I took her to the GP several times and left without help till I found a part time GP older more old school in nature. he referred us back to the memory clinic who had also given up on us and ensured they do home visits its taken 12 week but they have been out 3 times and are looking to provide a way for mom to go to day care her dementia is now severe she does not sleep well and constantly talks to people from her childhood around 14 as evacuess from the war and the first boyfriend who left her its all very traumatising I was left to get on with it till I rang the surgery and let them listen for 2 hours what I was putting up with day and night they have since prescribed anti depressants Mirtazipine 15mg we got some sleep all of us and though mom still gets up at night and wont take anything to make her sleep even anti-anxiety pills the drugs make her happier and more amenable so she wakes we say its night time and she will go back to bed, we have to be up before7am and she nods off in the day the tv is seen as real people in the house but because she is happier she will be more amenable. I would take your dad to every GP in the surgery and when his moods are very bad ring the surgery the out of hours GP service and involve them everytime in a nice way "this is what we are living with how will you help" then as everything is recorded on a file somewhere I think you will get action a GP referral to the memory clinic dementia nurses and community psychiatric nurses is worth its weight so get them onside first stay on the phone to the drs reception as long as it takes and the triage phone calls regularly and complain not about the service but your [predicament and lack of support. hope this helps my fingers are crossed for you.
  8. Jojo62

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    Jul 27, 2014
    I feel for you

    i have had the same problem with day/night confusion and had far too many stressful and sleepless nights dealing with my Mother. Her geriatrician put her on Melatonin but apparently it can only be taken for 6 weeks and then the patient must have a 6 weeks break in order for the medication to work properly. I couldn't bare the thought of sleepless nights again after several weeks of huge improvement so I give Mum "Sound a Sleep" Valerian 2500 Plus By Micro Genics. It's all natural, so very safe and these two medications have turned my life around. I hope this helps you. All the best
  9. Mad cat lady

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    Apr 7, 2015
    Lewy bodies dementia

    dad was diagnosed 5 weeks ago with Lewy body dementia it was a huge shock to me as 3 months ago he was fine. Doing his own thing n now he stuck in the house. He walks huntch up n stiff as a board. Both my parents live with us. Mum has Alzheimer's dementia. It's very hard work although I have carers in 3 times a day for dad n 2 times a day for mum. We have to keep front n back door locked 24/7 cos mum wonders outside. Dad he up n down out of his chair n for sum reason he keeps taking his clothes off. I say to stop as u must take ur clothes off. He's also ripped 2 big toe nails off as he crawls around the front room. He won't go to bed so he sleeps in his recliner chair wen he goes to sleep. We had no sleep for 5weeks as dad keeps us awake shouting for his deceased brother n for my mum. Dr has put him on sleeping tablets so fingers crossed he will sleep. Most days he's awake all day n all night. It really does my head in at times.
  10. cloggerjack

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    Jul 30, 2013
    we have two clocks for my mum - one shows night and day in the centre of the clock and the other is a childs "grow clock" which helps children with sleeping problems to learn when its night and day as there is a moon with stars that counts down to the sun coming up.
    Might not help stop the problem but its a couple of suggestions we have found helpful

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