help to pay nursing home fees


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Jul 4, 2004

wonder if anyone can advise me about nursing home fees.

My mum in law has her name down with the social services for a place in one of their nursing homes but what happens if when the time comes we want her to go to a better home which is classed as private and the fees are in the region of over £600 as opposed to £350. She has no money of her own to pay towards so is there any other way we can get the funding or do social services fund it? I have spoken to a nursing home that has been reccomended to me by a friend in the same position and my friend says something about government funding paying the fees but says if we were to accept a place in the social service home we would not then be able to change her if we decided we did not like the home. As a newcomer to all this i find it very confusing and wondered if anyone can point me in the right direction.



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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Janice, from what happened in our case, I was told that if I decided to put Mum into a home that cost more than the amount set by SS etc. I would have to pay the difference or remove her. I found a home that was similar in price, (£50 more), to that offered by SS. Mum never got to go there, as I managed to cope at home, but, in the last few months, their fees have soared by over a hundred pounds a week! We Would not have been able to cover that for long. I have no idea if the SS one has done likewise. I hope you are never faced with this decision, but if you have to, think carefully, as a move after they are settled could be very upsetting all round. Love, She. XX