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Dec 23, 2007
Hi again everyone.
I’ll attempt to make this as short as I can.:)
My mother (Who suffers from Alzheimer’s) was admitted into hospital, suffering from dehydration, about 8 weeks ago.
On the day that she was due to go back to the care home where she has been for the last 7 months, I decided to phone social services to voice the families concern about the deteriation in her health, and to question whether sending her back was the best thing for her. Can I just say that we didn’t have a problem with the care home, in fact we feel that Mum was been cared for very well while she was there. We just felt that they could not give her the required attention that she now obviously needs. Thankfully ss reacted right away, and within the hour had sent someone to visit the ward to analyze the situation. They then phoned me to say that if I requested that she be re-assessed then they would keep her in hospital in the mean time. I of course agreed. 6 weeks later and she has been re-assessed. Now we have to attend a meeting at the hospital with Social Services and presumably medical staff. We are assuming that they are going to suggest various nursing homes where she could be located.?
Social Services have hinted to my father that they will be funding whatever is required, because of Mums condition?
To be honest, not having been through this before, we don’t really know what to expect? What questions to ask? What rights do we have? Etc.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Snapper. I;m sorry you're having to go through this with your mother. I went through a similar scenario recently with my husband, and I understand how stressful it is.

You're actually lucky that your SW intervened and demended a multi-disciplinary assessment, they don't always, unless pushed!

The medical staff will tell you what future care they think will be necessary. You should ask about what medication she is on, and if there is any plan to reduce them. You also need to know about mobility -- is she mobile now? Will she regain mobility? Is she receiving physiotherapy? Are there any behavioural problems? Does she need to be fed?

All these will influence the sort of care she will need, and this is what you should discuss with the SW. If he/she doesn't think the present home will be adequate, ask for suggestions -- they're not allowed to recommend, but should give you a list of possibilities. You also need to know the financial implications.

If a change of home is thought to be necessary, they should keep your mum in hospital for long enough for you to visit homes and find one you like. You don't have to accept any the SS suggest, they have to fund the care your mum needs in any home you like.

I'm sure I've missed things, but it's all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure others will have suggestions.

The main thing is, don't worry. These assessment meetings really are to find the best possible solution for your mum.

Let us know how it goes.


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Jun 27, 2006
Hi snapper

I'm assuming from what you say that if the "hints" you've heard are correct the care home costs will be paid for by the NHS rather than coming out of the social services budget. If it was the latter you have rather less flexibility - social services will tell you what their going rate of reimbursement is and then if you want her placed somewhere that costs more, then you'd have to find the difference (unless the situation was that the only suitable placement because of her needs was more expensive) What you're talking about sound more like NHS continuing care though, and as such, I 'think" what will happen is you will be told what her needs are, given a list of homes that could potentially fulfill those needs, and then left to research them. Unfortunately though, depending on where you are, you may not have much, if any choice. If her needs are complex there maybe only one or two homes in your area that will fit the bill. If you don't feel that those are suitable when you visit them, then the whole thing becomes rather more complex. Not necessarily impossible to deal with, but definitely harder.

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