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Dec 27, 2006
I know its late but i have a quick question and hopfully someone may reply to gave my mam a little easement tonight my grandfather has been diagnosed with diementia and my mam rung up to the hospital as he is there at the moment after having a fall and whilst on the phone tonight the nurse told her that they have my grandad sitting up in the chair this was only 10 mins ago they said they have put him to bed but with him been at a high risk for falls they got him up and sat him in his chair just to natter on to himself to hopfully tire himself out to go back in to bed in 1 hr my mams so upset that he may be worried over something and this si whats concearing my mam that fact that he may be realising what is wrong with him and worrying we havent read much on diiementia so no nothing at all so we dont know if he realises whats happening to him if he still worries he has just recently been diagnosed with diementia it is in its final stages as they say the early stages we our selves put it down to old age and then since his fall 7 weeks ago the dimentia progressed rapidly now he sits in a chair and dribbles from his mouth all day and fidgets and seems to be in another world unlike he was 7 weeks ago when he was practly living alone can any 1 shed any light on to what to expect and how they how found there family member who may be going through the same thing to react thanking you all god bless josey xx

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear Josey, you don`t seem to have had many replies to your posts and you sound quite anxious. I`m sorry no-one has offered constructive advice yet, but that`s the way with dementia, no two cases are the same.
I think your grandfather has become more confused than ever since he was admitted and that is quite usual with older people.
My grandmother was very confused when she had to go to hospital. She took other people`s `get well cards` and looked in their lockers. Someone complained about her, saying she was frightening other patients, when in fact she, herself was the one who was frightened.
I know your mother must be really worried and upset but at least your grandfather is in safe hands, even if he is confused and unhappy. There is every chance, with observation, the hospital might be able to prescribe medication to ease his symptoms.
I`m sorry I can`t be of further help to you. You sound so unhappy too.
Please let us know what happens. Love Sylvia x


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Apr 10, 2006
Hi Sylvia

I think Josey posted the same post 3 times on friday...........we did all reply but there are three versions, so it caused a little confusion.

Hope you managed to get sorted Josey.

Love Alex x

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Thanks Alex, I didn`t realize that. I thought it was unusual, such a low response, and she sounded so desperate. Love Sylvia x

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