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Help needed


New member
Oct 12, 2019
Hi all.
A friend of mine has been caring for a family member with dementia for some time and they are currently unwell in hospital but will eventually come home, ideally with a care plan in place. She has no support from family or any services.
What can she access? Im worried about her. She is under considerable pressure at the moment.


Volunteer Moderator
Dec 15, 2012
hello @MK83
a warm welcome to DTP
it's kind of you to be helping your friend

help her to insist that a full assessment of her family member's care needs has been done and a care package is in place BEFORE discharge, so she does not have to cope alone .... indeed, if she believes that she will not be able to cope, help her to push for at least a respite stay in residential care, if not a full time move
the Patient Liaison Service PALS at the hospital will be able to help, and ask to speak with the Dementia Matron/ co-ordinator (or similar title)
if being discharged home, a care package should include home care visits, suggest to her that she insist on as many as possible to support both of them and prevent a 'failed discharge' as no hospital wants these on their records
I believe 6 weeks care should be free, though it's a while since my dad's situation, after that a financial assessment by their LA will work out whether care will be at least part funded by the LA or not

you might contact Admiral Nurses who are there to support the carer, and one may be linked with the hospital

keep posting with any questions, members will help out