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Help needed for friend


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Sep 30, 2014
Hi everyone,
I haven't been on for a while, had so much happening sorry, hope everyone is ok.
Anyway need some help, my friends dad has been wandering and has been ending up in hospital, diagnosed with dementia and was stuck in hospital for 8 weeks, social workers looking for place for 21 days to access what he can manage to do for himself.He was placed in a care home today and she rang me sobbing, he is in an old house in attic and lift takes 20 mins to get downstairs. Doctor says he has capacity and social workers are not interested really just said that was only place in liverpool that would take him.My friend said he wasn't taking his medication eating anything in sight and falling constantly, she is sick with worry, she can't look after him and is worried that social workers will just put him anywhere, I've tried my aunts care home but no places. Does anyone know anywhere and any advice for her.

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