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help me please understand,,,

caring a

Registered User
Mar 1, 2014
could you good people please try to explain why az sufferers seem to always want to pull and tug and take there clothes off,,,
if mum isnt bottoning and unbuttoning,,shes wanting her dress off,,pulling her pad tio try get it off,,

why ohhhh whyyyyyyy..

so fed up with all this,,,,poor mum,,,,,,


Volunteer Moderator
Jul 14, 2006
Is your Mum getting too hot? The buttoning, unbuttoning is a very common thing, there seems to be a need to fiddle, my husband did it. I put a box together with small things in that he could pick up and put back. It worked for a while until the things started to be misplaced, hidden or lost.

The pad removal could be because of not being used to one. They are big and bulky and I should imagine not all that comfortable to wear or get used to. Wanting to remove something that is not normally there is understandable. Pull ups might be more acceptable but I think they are dearer to buy and may not be offered through the continence service.

These are just my thoughts, sorry but have no suggestions that might help. Just another set of problems thrown up when dealing with dementia.


Registered User
Jul 13, 2014
are the clothes a comfortable fit? mum went through a phase of wanting to undress but eventually I realised she was uncomfortable around her middle so got a size bigger trousers. mum also likes to have a say in what she will wear each day and not just be told what to put on.

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