HELP! Long posting... but need all the help on offer..


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Jan 4, 2006
Thank you Nat,
I don't know if Daisy likes the idea, but it has hooked me.
Love Helen


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Feb 20, 2006
North West England
Many Thanks

Morning All....

jc141265, how strange...
I already have a special 'box', with a lot of my favorite photos of us together.
You know, special memories/times. Letters that he sent me, long long ago....
I look and read these when I am feeling really sad, and have a good cry....

I know it's time for dramatic changes. I've been 'hanging in there' for months now. It seems I have no choice. I need to bring on a new life for me.
It's time for me to start living again.
Caring takes over your life like nothing else.

We still have the 'odd'/occasional moment most days when 'things can seem normal', but it does not last long.

I don't know how they keep patients so many patients 'calm/relaxed' in the Nursing Homes... I can only guess it will be drug enduced.
I don't want my husband to be so out of it... all the time.

Other 'number things' my husband has fabricated....
We lived in a 5 bed deteched house...... NEVER
He used to drive 100,000 miles a year with work .... NEVER
He has 100's of cousins ....... NO... NO... NO....
He hasn't 'been fed' in DAYS !! ..... I don't think so....

Thanks all, for your advice.

Take Care