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Jul 17, 2007
Hertfordshire / Middx
Hello, first let me introduce myself, I'm Karl and have just joined this board. My grandma suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease and my mother whilst sane of mind, has asked me for advice as she is finding the maze of social services, assessment needs, fees, varying rules, etc extremely confusing. Additionally my mum struggles with writing herself and lacks assertion when dealing with social workers etc. So in my research I have also become incredibly confused and am reaching out to this board to help me understand how to move forward.

My grandma after living independently with AD for approx 8yrs was finally sectioned in May. Her wandering had become to a level where she was became lost and was returned home by the police on a regular basis. She is doubly incontinent now and does not know how to feed herself, wash herself, or when to sleep (day or night makes no difference) She hardly talks any more and can’t comprehend much. She is a terrific liar at times though and we often wonder about our own grasp of reality with some of the fibs she comes up with !

In June my Gran was further sectioned under Section 3, and we learnt in at the end of the month from the doctor that she would need to be moved into a home under Section 117, which means that the costs of her care are jointly picked up by the NHS and Social Services.

Since then we heard nothing to confirm what the assessment of needs was, whether the level of scores translated into a continuous care basis. Neither was the Section 117 after care plan communicated to us in writing.

The social worker has recently been in contact with my Mum requesting that she fill in a financial assessment. Here begins my confusion and I would appreciate your advice in dealing with this matter, understanding what is going on and any and all helpful advice in ensuring that my Gran is not taken for a ride.

Firstly, As Nan is entitled to be treated under section 117, I don’t understand why it is necessary to complete a financial assessment form. The social worker has not moved Nan into the home yet, and when questioned about this, stated that it is required to allow some sort of committee to determine what Nan’s needs are….. well I thought that her needs were already established ! Additionally, I believe that if we provide details of Nan’s finances, that as she does own a home etc, then this will add bias to any decision.

So my questions to put out to you are :

If the Dr has determined that Nan needs after care under section 117, why might a further re-assessment of needs being carried out ? We’ve been told that if we don’t complete the form then no funding will be provided, is this right ?

Why would an understanding of her finances help them to determine what continuing care she needs, surely this is a medical decision and knowing her finances can only introduce bias into the process ?

With hearing information from so many people I don’t know who is telling me what, and whether I am being told the right information. Please could you explain the process and what goes on at the stages, what to expect, how to deal with them.

Should we have received a copy of her care needs assessment and the scoring ? Also confirmation of the change of section to 117 ? How can I best use this information to judge whether her care needs should be met by SS / NHS ?

What has been people’s experience of using solicitors / financial advisors at this stage ? Have they proved insightful and helped to add clarity to a complex situation ? Would anybody recommend anybody in particular ?

I recognise that this is a lengthy post… Thank you for reading it. I’m sorry if it sounds confused, but I hope that you will be able to help me make some sense.

Thank you and looking forward to reading your responses.


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Jul 6, 2007
leigh lancashire
who is responsible for fees

Hi Karl glad you joined us.I have just done a google search on mental health section are not responsible for fees.Check it out there are more questions on it that you may want answering.good luck and let me know how you elainex


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Jun 27, 2006
Hi Karl and welcome to TP.

Have you looked at the MIND site? They have a lot of info on sectioning and its ramifications. I imagine that it is the LA who requires the financial assessment, and I suspect that until it is done, nothing else will be done. I think this is as much to do with box checking as effecting your grandmother's entitlement to care, and I very much doubt that even if she was fortunate enough to be a multi-millionaire that it would have any effect. The problem is you are dealing with a bureaucracy, and as such they have their procedures that are set in stone. It makes no sense in your circumstances, but after you've checked with either the legal help line at the AS or with Mind's legal department, I think you'll have to fill out those forms, even if they are irrelevant. You have many other battles yet to come, so you might as well bite the bullet (after checking) and save your energy for those that you have the potential to win.

Best wishes