Help for my mum. RE: Pyjamas.


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Jun 4, 2008
North west England.
Just a quick line in the hope that somebody could offer some advice on the following:

My mum has been in a Care Home now for quite a long time with AZ and is still eating and drinking well (touch wood) but there is no communication or recognization. She has lost weight and needs warm pyjamas, especially with the winter coming up and she has got these, but one or two buttons keep on going missing from them and the Care Home staff have actually caught her with a button in her mouth. So we think she may be mistaking them for food.
Can anybody advise any other warm pyjamas that are buttonless or has anybody else come across this problem and how did they get around it?
Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards


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Jun 10, 2012
South Gloucs
there are some lovely fleece ones in Primark at the moment but I'm not sure if they have buttons on or not - I think the tops are pull over the head type ones. I remember looking at them thinking that I'd get so hot if I wore them I'd explode but for someone who feels the cold, just the job. The trousers are pull on style.



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Aug 1, 2007
Goodbye to buttons

Hi Ken

You could try replacing the buttons with poppers (press studs). You can buy these in large sizes and they would probably be strong enough to stay done up. You can also buy them on tape (for duvet covers etc), which might be quicker to sew on.

Hope this helps.



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Feb 10, 2010
Hiya Ken,

There are a couple of things I can think of that you could try. The first would be to take all the buttons off and replace them with velcro - fine if you have a sewing machine but tedious if you don't!

You could also try something like the following sleepsuits - they zip up from behind with nothing then on the front that your mum could chew etc.

Hope this helps,



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Jul 14, 2006
Asda have some nice fleecy bottomed ones with pull over he head long sleeved top. I am an 'in pyjamas at 5pm' person in the winter and wear these until bedtime but have to change the bottom for bed as I would melt in them.

My husband pulls at buttons but I think he sees them as foreign objects that should not be there.



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May 19, 2012
bedlington northumberland
Hi there,

my MIL had a thing about buttons she used to pull them off her cardigans. she used to wear pjs then thick wintery type. i bought them from primark i also wear them as i am a cold body they go over your head no buttons at all.



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Sep 15, 2012
Nuneaton, warwickshire
Hi there

My mum is in a NH and dad brought her some lovely fleece pyjamas from Asda, think they were £9. The ladies in the home love them and keep asking dad if he bought them recently! The top just pulls on over her head.

I always find the best ones are the ones you can mix and match.

Hope you find some.