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Help around Paphos, Cyprus


New member
Oct 3, 2020
My parents retired to Paphos from the Uk nearly 20 years ago and lived a full and active life until 2 or 3 years ago. My father who is coming up to 85 has recently been diagnosed with Dementia (although I have suspected he has had it for 3 or 4 years)
Mum is really struggling (and stubborn about asking for help) and also being in her 80s is finding it hard to cope with the quite rapid changes in my dad. Being 1000s of miles away is not easy to get them support and I am hoping there is something local and English speaking around Paphos where I can get them some help.
Are there any support groups or care organisations where I could contact to get mum support. If she could get a few hours respite I am sure it would help massively or at least a friendly face to talk to who understands what is happening

hope someone can help



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Jan 24, 2019
We live in Southern Spain ( which I know isn't Paphos, but bare with me!) Because of the huge ex pat community (mainly retired) there are quite a few groups like Age Care and Age Concern. They arrange clubs and social outings. My dad has joined them all since my mum has gone into care.

You may try to contact a local English speaking magazine. A lot of areas have these and they will know of any groups!

Good luck