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Jan 18, 2007
dear all

I have only recently joined this forum. I have been reading the threads with interest and there has been a lot of helpful information.

I have posted on a subject when I have though I could help, but now I need to ask for help myself.

To be quite truefull dont really know where to start, so I will ask the question I need the most help on and will fill in any gaps along the way.

Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimers 2 years ago and since then has been living with me this has worked well and I have very happy to have mum with me.

At first the CPN visited every 4 - 6 weeks and the consultant from the hospital every 4 months. After about 8 months the doctor left and it took about a year with locums to get a new doctor who is now visiting every six months, I have only seen the CPN once in 6 months as he was passing.

We had an appointment for the doctor this week but today the the CPN called to cancel it. I explained that I was not very happy with this and that we had not seem him properly in over six months.

I really needed to speak with the doctor as mum had got worse in the past six months.

At last the question, How often should the doctor or cpn visit?


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Mar 16, 2005
Hi kindheart,

I have noticed your posts and glad you've begun to ask about your situation because, although we learn a lot by reading other's posts, it is not the same as describing own own specific circumstances for others to comment.

I do not have an answer for how often the doctor or cpn should visit, but I would guess that unfortunately you will need to be the driving force to make the visits happen. Did you ask why the CPN cancelled the appointment and did not re-schedule? I think that the first thing I would do is to telephone this morning to make another appointment. Let us know how you get on.


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Jan 18, 2007
Hi Daughter,

Thanks for your response.

The CPN ssid that it Doctor had to go and visit someone in crisis and she only works 3 days a week.

I appriecate that the person in crisis needs to see a doctor asap but I have waited six months for this appointment and dont think its fair to say the least, I also realise that resorces are streched but again this is no comfort.

The Doctors office rang again today whilst I was at work and they apologised for the cancellation and rescheduled the appointment in April, thats 3 months away.

I am not happy at all and shall be phoning the doctors office tomorrow to make this clear to them.

I have a neighbour who sees the same doctor and the visits are every four months.

I would like to hear more experiences from carers who are experiencing difficulties regarding suppport and assesments.


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Jan 15, 2007
I've posted about our Aunt who lives alone and has Alzheimers. I can only speak from what I see happens with her but a lot of this is because she lives alone. Maybe they rely on the fact that you are the live-in carer.

My Aunt gets, as of last month, 3 visits a day (ok one is meals on wheels adn the other 2 are to make sure she is still in one piece and try and get her to take her meds)

I don't know how often she sees the cpn but she sees a senior carer/nurse/social worker once a week.

Today all 8 people involved in caring for her held a meeting and we have reached the point where she is deemed to vulnerable to live alone and must go into care. That probably shows you that she was quite advanced in her illness.

Maybe you should make them feel that they can't rely on you so much - to make the dr and cpn visit.

It seems hard but you have to look after yourself too


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Jan 18, 2007
Hi Conrad

Think you may be right, maybe I dont let they know enough that I need more support.

When mum lived on her own I am not sure of the frequency of the visits as my sister was the contact for the doctor etc.

I do know the doctor/CPN/Care support worker visited.

Six months ago at the last doctors visit I did tell her that I needed more support as mum was getting worse or I was not managing as well as before.

This prompted a flying visit from the CPN on his way elsewhere.

Maybe mum is not as bad as I think she is I dont know. I do know on her last memory test six months ago she only scored 3 and I had asked for another memory test to be conducted with an interpertor as she is Italian and barely speaks any English now.

Obviously I did not make myself clear enough, no wonder there are so many carers having difficulties if when you ask for help it is ignored.

This has made me feel abandoned and I feel that I am being pushed into putting mum into a care home as I am finding more and more difficult to cope with.

I am fed up with trying to ring the CPN, as the number is frequently engaged or I leave a message and he doesnt ring back.


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May 12, 2006
west sussex

I think we are in very similar situation.

Mum also Italian lives with me and my family.

She has been with us for a year, and even though I started asking for help back in October as I felt that she was deteriorating, we only saw the consultant last week. Saw a social worker recently because daycare centre that mum was attending could no longer cope with her, so she has been moved. Have not as yet met the CPN, hoping for first visit next week.

Half the trouble is knowing who to ask for help, and knowing what help is available and required.

PS when memory test carried out on mum, I did the translating, didn't know that a translator could be made available.


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Jan 18, 2007
Hi Candy

Sounds like we could have similar situation. Mum moved in two years ago after being diagnosed with AD and the assesment of the situation was she could not longer manage on her own. I gave up work to care for her.

Unfortunately for Mum my Italian is not very good, so unable to translate the memory test, and am having some difficulties at home with the languge barrier.

thanks for your imput though, it will be nice to compare notes regarding the language at day centre, respite etc.

Currently the day centre and when she has been in respite they all say they can manage and there is no problem with language, maybe because shes with family and feels comfortable at home she speaks more Italian or maybe it could be because I understand a bit.

On the other hand though when I have carers in the home they all tell me she speaks Italian so am a little confused.

You say the day centre could not longer handle your mum, would you mind if I ask why. Also if you do not wish to answer in open forum you could PM me.

Hope all is well with you

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