help and advise for us please

lesley and pete

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Jan 7, 2007
We have known for some time that Tilly, Pete's mum had dementia. She has been in a care home for 18months now.
However we went to-day to visit, and she was in a terrible state, she has gone down a lot since xmas. We have had her every week on a sunday for the whole day, without any problems. We had her for the day Saturday before new year, and she could hardly walk and I had to help her to the toilet, and helped her to eat her meal.
Today we went for her and they said she wasn't well enough to come to us for lunch so we visited her at the care home.
She was in a reclining chair in a room very near the carers station, had a blanket rapped around her, she was restless, did not recognise us, and was mumbling and not making any sense, there are now liquidising her food and giving her drinks through a straw, they also take her to the loo, but she has had a few accidents.
We had an idea something was wrong as the social services phoned us up in the week and said we would need to have a discussion on her care, she has been on antibiotics as they thought that she has had a water infection.
The care home are phoning the doctor tomorrow, we are having a meeting with them as well.
We didn't think that the deterioration would be so dramatic, could anyone advise us, we're open to any help you can give us.
She has been on medication reminyl for 18months and has seen a consultant every 3 months.
She is in a good care home she has put on weight and has thrived until this last 2 weeks.
They have said something TIA's, has anyone any information on these for us.
Pete says I am doing this all wrong but I think any advice we can get at the moment will help us to come to terms with this terrible disease. Thank you.
Lesley and Pete


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Feb 17, 2006
Sounds like you done the right thing comeing to TP .

Load of people on TP will give you good advice soon , sorry I can not as My mother is still at home with me Just like to say Hi welcome


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Apr 30, 2006
Hi Lesley & Pete
Welcome to TP:)
If Tilly is suffering from a water infection...this can really knock people back....I've learned that through this site.......
TIA is
transient ischaemic attacks.
....or "mini stroke" If you click on the factsheets in the top left hand corner factsheet 402 "vascular dementia 2 covers this.
I'm sure others will be along to offer more advice
Take care


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Mar 13, 2006
hi lesley and pete,
i know from my experience with my mum that any kind of infection can knock the patient for six, my mum has had a few UTI's and ear infections and we really thought is this it?
this disease is full of ups and downs and i find theres no two days that my mum is the same.
my mums progression was so rapid in the first few months they said she wouldnt last the year, but she's still here proving them wrong.
ive found out so much through this website and it really does help knowing your not on your own
good luck, the link aine has given you can tell you much more about TIA's than i can
take care