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Hollie k 13

Registered User
Aug 25, 2015
Hello. I am new to this site so please excuse me if I post in the wrong thread.
My hubby was told he had borderline dementia about 3 years ago. Things sort of stopped and his memory did not get worse. The question I have is he enjoys cooking but sometime he will put on the veg to cook at the same time he puts a chicken in to roast. Please no cooking answers so I think he has no conception of the time it takes to cook . Or has tunnel vision and only sees what's in front of him so if it's not in front of him he throws a wobbly saying someone's moved it but it's just to his left or right. I am wondering if he should go back to the memory clinic to be reassert.
Many thanks for any replies


Volunteer Moderator
Feb 27, 2015
Hi Hollie :)

I would take him back.
My dad's cooking abilities declined & it was one of the triggers that made me get him assessed.