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Jan 30, 2015
Warren, Indiana
My first time on this site: I am caregiver to my wife with moderate to severe Alzheimers and to my stepdaughter who lives with us due to her own health problems. She helps keep an eye on Mom, which allows me to leave for errands, church, etc. I highly recommend this arrangement to caregivers who have the appropriate situation to carry it out. We went through the Az scenario with a sister-in-law before we realized we had our own problems. We helped them for several years until she passed away. This was a valuable experience for me. So I have really had no surprises as I care for my wife. We are fortunate to have one of the best heath care facilities in the area in our small town. They have already approved my wife's application for when we need to take her there. This take some pressure off, knowing that I have plan B ready. She is becoming increasingly reluctant to take her meds and bathe, so hiring some in home professional help is in the not too distant future for us. As I listen to other caregivers in the support meetings, I feel very lucky compared to them. I have installed grab bars, panic buttons (which call me first, then 911), and alarm mats and motion sensors so we know the instant she's she's on the move. My wife still knows us most of the time, she eats well on her own, and gets around pretty good. I am 74, she is 77, but we are in very good physical health, so we are not yet ready to move her to a facility. I guess I am here to share what I've learned as well as to get more info. Luckily she has not yet tried to wander (probably because one of us is always with her), but I am currently checking out wearable locating devices. When wandering becomes an issue, I have some keyless entry doorknobs which I will install backwards, so you have to key in the code to get out, rather than to get in. I wanted to comment to a post on the Keruve unit I am trying out, but I have not yet figured out how to leave a comment to other peoples posts. Maybe I just haven't been approved yet - it's only been less than an hour since I registered.


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Jul 14, 2006
Hi Gray and welcome to TP. You seem to have everything under control and dealing with your concerns very well. You are very lucky to have good health care available which must be a great comfort to you. You will find lots of support and advice here and you have given us some great ideas, the coded entry or should I say exit, is a great idea.

To answer other posts you need to look on the right hand at the bottom of the post you want to respond go and click on to the respond button. This will bring up a copy of the post you want to answer and you just post below the end of their entry and it is all in the same box. Leave a couple of lines so your answer is quite seperate from the original poster. Hope that makes sense.

Give it a try by responding to this post, you need only just type ok if you want.

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