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New member
Aug 9, 2020
I'm new. I'm trying to find my may around so if I post in the wrong place I'll try fix it but be patient. I'm 48 years old and was diagnosed 6 months ago with early onset frontotemporal dimentia. I have lost many things so far, my job being the most recent. I feel lost sometimes. If someone else feels lost, I get it.


Volunteer Moderator
Jul 14, 2006
South Staffordshire
Hello @pdeblanche and welcome to Dementia Talking Point,

You have posted in the right place to introduce yourself to us so no worries.

When you are ready to post, either looking for advice, information , a chat or even a rant post in the forum headed I have dementia. Click on forum at the top of the page and just a short way down is the ‘ I have dementia.’ Start your thread and away you go but don’t worry if you post in the wrong place, you will be seen and if necessary the moderators will move it for you, no problem.

We are all here because dementia affects us all and we help each other.

Look forward to seeing you posting.


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
Hello and welcome from me too @pdeblanche.

My wife was also early on-set at the time of diagnosis. I understand fully when you comment on being 'lost' as it's something my wife used to say to explain her feelings.

You are in the right place for understanding and support.