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May 15, 2008
Well you are my first port of call since returning from the consultant a few hours ago with a diagnosis of dementia for Grandma.
She is my partners Grandmother and we along with our 2 children aged 2 and 4 moved in with her almost 10 months ago to care for her.Then she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. I took a career break from work and am her fulltime carer. She has deteriorated recently so am not surprised by this diagnosis. I feel apprehensive about the future and how we will cope especially with the little ones.
Since moving in with her I have adapted to a much more limited life - miss work and friends as we moved a fair distance and it is hard to make friends when we are quite housebound.
I have lots of information to read and other family members to tell. The site looks very supportive and i look forward to corresponding as and when!


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Mar 23, 2008
coast of texas

WElcome to TP!!! I do know from being an homebound caregiver how you feel and there are others hee also...I hope we may be able to help you and feel free just to let go if you need. We're all here for each other!



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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Nittynora, welcome to TP, I'm sure you'll find it helpful.

You've certainly taken on a huge task, with two young children to care for too.

The first thing is to find what help is available, and your local branch of Alzheimer's Society. They will advise you on benefits, and will probably run support groups, though you will probably find you're much younger than other carers.

Another post of call is your local branch of Princess Royal Trust for Carers. You'll find them very helpful, and as they support all kinds of carers, you may find more younger people there.

That should keep you busy for tomorrow!:eek:

Please post and let us know how you get on, and if you need more info, just ask.

All the best,


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Jun 6, 2007
Hello and welcome,

I would suggest contacting you local alzheimers society and social services, they will get the ball rolling as far as the practicalities are concerned such as benefits and support.

On the emotional side all I can advise is to keep talking to people, it really does help to talk any worries through with others.

Take care


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