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I posted here a long while back now, and sometimes its difficult to remember what my mum was like at this time - so its a good job we keep diaries, but even then, its hard to go back a couple of years and remember "from words" what mam was like. My mum is 72 years old, and was dignised Alz about 4½ years ago. Apart from the normal things like memory loss, incontinence, etc, getting my mum to eat food is VERY DIFFICULT. Mum is on 10 mg Aricept (been on them for "about" 2 years)

I wrote here today as my sister who helps my mum along with me, wanted to know if there is a drug of any kind to give mum a better appetite, as the one she has prescribed (and taking) - is called "Clopixol" (2 mg). They calm my mum down a bit, but seem to sedate her and her responsiveness is not good (sort of in a trance while feeding her).

Mum isn't at the spoon feeding stage, but needs to be stood over for hours (combined in the day), to get anything down her at all. Also, I was wondering if some people here have "special" food(s) they give there mum. We just give mum, Weetabix, toast, teacakes, bananas, cereal bars and the like. Mum never has problem with mars bars or chocs (typical mum:)))) but struggles with most of t he others - though teacakes seem to go down easier than, say weetabix.

Sorry to ramble along, but been unwell myself for a while (I'm on DLA), and wanted to talk to people here who have similar probs..

Thanks to all of you,,


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Aug 23, 2005
Dear Antonio

Have you tried Forticeps drinks?

They come in all sorts of flavours and are meal substitutes.

Hope this is helpful.



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Jun 2, 2005
Los Angeles, USA
My mom is on the appetite stimulant megastrol (Brand name Megace here in the U.S.) You might ask the doctor about it.

Also here in the U.S. there are fortified drinks -- I think "Ensure" is a common brand name. This may be similar to "Forticeps."



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Aug 18, 2005
Just a little info that might help. Norm is right in telling you to ask your GP further.

The GP is able to prescribe meal drinks for people who are having difficulties with eating solid foods. These drinks come in sweet and savory flavours and can be picked up from your pharmacy.

One of the brands prescribed is ENSURE PLUS. Some of the flavours are strawberry, vanilla, banana, mushroom and orange - to name a few. (used to work at the doctors).

If you are considering these for your mum it's very important to ask your GP first to see if they will be suitable.

Best wishes and hope this has helped a little.


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Aug 23, 2005
Morning Antonio

Forticeps can be supplied on prescription but sometimes the GP is hesitant to do so due to the cost element. They can also be ordered direct through your local pharmacy.

Ensure sounds like the same type of product.

Hope you can locate some.

Best wishes


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