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Patricia Rodger

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Nov 12, 2006
North East England
Hi I have just come accross this talking point fourm whilst looking for some sort of explanication as to why my mum has been misfortunate to have been dealt this heart and soul distroying disease.
She is 72 bless her and is the best mother I could have wished for, it just makes me so sad mad to watch her loose herself in her own house, not to be able to find her bedroom or the cupboard where the cups have been so carefully kept for the past 30yrs. I know I'M not alone as there are thousands of families devestated by this dreadfull disease, would love to hear from some of you!:mad:


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Apr 10, 2006
Hi Patricia

Welcome to tp, i hope you find lots of help and support from this forum as we have all been in the same position at some point, so everyone understands how you feel.

Its a great place to shout, rant, scream, have a good moan or even a good cry...........we've all been there!

Your mum is lucky to have someone who cares about her and i'm sure you'll do your best for her ...................and with the support you'll recieve from all the lovely people here, i'm sure you'll find the strength you need to get you through the tough times!

Best wishes
Love Alex x


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Apr 30, 2006
Hi Patricia
welcome to TP .....glad you've found us.
My mum lives with us now but I do know how you feel.....when she lived at home she often used to ask where her bedroom was,where the cups and plates were kept, wanting to go to her own home(it was of course her own home)
It is very sad but you'll get plenty of support on here and meet some lovely people....we draw strength from each other.
Take care

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Patricia, I`m so pleased you found Talking Point. It`s been a godsend to me.

It`s so distressing to watch people suddenly become `visitors` in their own homes, not knowing where familiar objects are. I had it with my mother and now with my husband.

He always was a whizz in the kitchen. When we both worked, he did all the cooking and food shopping as I didn`t drive and he was a better cook than I was. Now he has to open every cupboard to find a cup.

You have come to the right place. You will never be alone here.



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Nov 5, 2006
Hello Patricia

I'm pretty new as well as I only registered last week just after my mum was diagnosed. I've found it to be a great help. Apart from the tremendous support of the TP members there is also loads of helpful information on the site which has answered a lot of my questions.

It must be heartbreaking to see your mum lost in her home and my heart goes out to you. My mum has not got to that stage yet and is still coping really well at home on her own. I thank God for these days we can still spend together in some sort of normality and cherish every moment we share together.

My mum is very pretty (everyone else says so too - it's not that I'm biased!) and has always dressed beautifully. She has had some awful things happen in her life - she had to watch her two-year-old daughter die of leukaemia, then had the heartbreak of losing her son in a car accident at the age of 23. She had a difficult marriage with my father, ending in divorce, then her second husband died of cancer only months after he retired. Yet throughout her life she has been kind, generous and always smiling. Now I see her struck with this awful disease and my heart bleeds for her. She is so brave, so strong and I love her so much. It seems so unfair that she cannot have the peaceful happy old age she deserves. My only solace is that even though my brother and sister are not here any more to share the load, at least I can care for her and will do so gladly.

I'm sorry to have unburdened myself on your thread - it just sort of all came out. Anyway, I hope you too will find some comfort in knowing you are amongst others who understand what you're going through, just as I have.

With all best wishes


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Sep 23, 2005
Welcome to the best support team ever!

Hi Patricia, so glad you have discovered TP. You are amongst the most understanding real people you will ever find - or at least that is my experince of TP. I find it a wonderful place to let off pressure re my dear Mumm and the wrteched illness which she has beenafflicted with. Your love and concern for your Mum is the very best thing you can give your Mum - even if she may not seem aware somedays she will feel it coming through the vibes. Give yourself time for rest and refreshment as your needs are every bit as important as your Mum's - keep strong and use TP as and when you need to - it's wonderful. I dont send stuff enough - I hate complaining but sometimes I feel like bursting - see my message of today. With best wishes and all the support I can send, Hugh


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Feb 17, 2006

I know how your feeling when you say
some sort of explanication
4 years on I have not found one .

I've come to the point that I just enjoy the days that feel like she been enlighten , gets a brain storm seen to remember every thing then its gone , she forgotten it all , but I have ant so I cherish those moments now , where before they use to make me feel sad ( that she forgotten )

she will feel it coming through the vibes
Your so right when you say that I get that feeling to , comeing through the vibes :)

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