hello i'm a new member


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Apr 18, 2008
I am a new member and this is my first message.
My wife has been diagnosed as having Alzheimers Desease.
She is in the early stages, but I do not know what this means or
if there is a form which this desease takes or if there are stages over a set period of time.
There are publications available but I think experience is far better than reading about it.
Sorry if this sounds a little blunt but even though it was in my mind that she had Alzheimers it still came as a huge blow whhen it was confirmed.
Any information would be gratefully received.
And can I please thank you in advance.

gratefully yours


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Mar 7, 2004
Hello, and warm welcome to TP.

Bewildering time for you., with so much to take in.
She is in the early stages, but I do not know what this means or
if there is a form which this desease takes or if there are stages over a set period of time.
No set form, no stages over any given period. Every person is different.

Remember your wife is no different, no better or worse, than she was before diagnosis. Just that now you may be better prepared for what may/could lie ahead.

Tell us a little more about yourself and your wife, when you feel able. Age, type of dementia diagnosed, medication, those sort of things. Then, ask any specific questions, and someone is sure to get back to you.

Meanwhile you have found a warm, compassionate group of people here,many of whom will be in a similar position to yourself.


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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
Hello diggit,

Just wanted to welcome you to TP.

It is a bewildering time when diagnosis is first made.
Things will settle down..as Connie and sylvia have said..there is not set course or pattern with AD..and no two sufferers are alike..
As a carer I take one day at a time and deal with whatever the day brings.

Keep in touch with us on TP..there is so much support and information here..it has been,and remains..a lifeline for me!

Love gigi xx


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Feb 13, 2008
Welcome Diggit

I'm still coming to terms with dad's dementia even though I suspected it a long time ago.
All I can say is to start talking to the lovely people here on this website, they are warm, compasionate and most of all you will get lots of your answers to your questions even without the need to actually ask them in the first place. Have a good read though and you'll see what I mean.
However, if you are able, do let us know a bit more about your cirucmstances and you will be swept away with the replies from such lovely carers.
Good luck to you


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Apr 20, 2008
Hello, I am a new member, my mother has been diagnosed with altzheimers and I feel she is in stages 5 or 6. She lives alone and my two brothers live further away so I am the one dealing with everything. The problem is I have a debilitating illness myself and find it difficult to cope on my own.

Mum has someone to come in every day to do her a freezer meal but at the moment this is the only help we are getting. I have an appointment this week with someone from the altzheimers association and also the social services who are doing an assesment on her.

She is often going out locking her door then posting the key through the letterbox. She somehow finds her way to me and I have to take her home to let her in. This is ok if I am feeling well enough but a lot of the time I am ill. Has anyone any ideas of what I could do about the key situation, I know her neighbour goes to work all day


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Mar 15, 2006

Is there anyone around who would/could open a key box? We had one on the outside of mum's house where you put a key into a box, scramble the numbers and then give people the code if they need it?
This let in carers and meant someone could come to the rescue even if they didn't have a key on them.
Actually it sounds as if a regular call from a carer might be in order. Have you seen social services or had advice from your doctor re a mental health team worker?
Don't try to cope alone!
Love Zadok
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