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Hello, I'm a new member seeking advice please


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Dec 23, 2013
I am a healthcare worker and one of my neighbours has recently been diagnosed with 'Lupus Dementia'. I have never heard of this before, is it related to the disease Lupus? What is the common treatment for this (Lupus is an auto immune disease so I;m wondering if strengthening the immune system would help?)?

My neighbour is quite active but is experiencing 'heavy legs' at night and has been told to expect being in a wheelchair within a couple of years. Has anyone any advise to give about this, management or prevention.

Thank you


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Nov 28, 2012
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Hi Lynn

I found this buried in a long ream of information about Lupus

'About one third of people with lupus have an unusual antibody, called antiphospholipid antibody, that can cause clotting and blockage in blood vessels. Lupus can also inflame those blood vessels (vasculitis). Both blockage and inflammation can cause brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerve symptoms. When the affected vessels are large, a person can suffer strokes in any part of the brain. Generalized obstruction of the small blood vessels results in thinking disorders and dementia.'

I hope it helps