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Hello from Germany


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Dec 31, 2015
Hi, I´m from Germany and I work with Alzheimer-Patients since some years.

I'm always interested to talk with other persons about dementia. So I found this forum. My english is not the best, but I´ll try. The grammar and I ... we are not the best friends.

I´m not a nurse, I´m something like a companion. I have the possibility to spend more time with the patients than the nurses … I talk to them, go for a walk, read a book, sing old songs … or just hold the hand without a word.

Sometimes I have luck and we find a little moment of their memories. And in these moments I get the best result for my work ... a smile.

These moments are so important because they get the feeling everything is alright.

It's okay to eat the food with the fingers. It´s okay to ask the same questions and forget the answers.

It´s okay to be in their own world.

Maybe it makes no sense what they are doing … for us. But behind it all is a sense. But if we try to see through the eyes of people with dementia, one can understand, what the reason is for their acting.

I know, it is not easy. But living with dementia is not the end, it is another beginning.

All my best wishes to the new year !

Sue J

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Dec 9, 2009
Guten Sylvesterabend Kira wilkommen an TP:)

There's my bit of German! Good to hear your experiences, will look out for your posts
Best wishes


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Aug 24, 2013
"Gesundes neues Jahr" according to google, whatever, happy new year and welcome to TP. Like you say "It´s okay to be in their own world" you have to join in their world, they can't join us in ours.

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